Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I haven't been in the office in the last five days. Which has been glorious. I'll take drinking beer on a sandy beach over desk sitting any day of the week. (If you wouldn't, you're crazy. Seek help.)

One of my best friends and I took some days off work and headed down to her beach house in Gulf Shores to ring in one of the last true weekends of summer. We drove all night (insert cheesy Celine Dion background track) and arrived right before sunrise. And crashed just until the UV rays were strong enough to burn us.

After spending a solid 5 hours on the beach, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to our favorite local bar (formerly known as "The Happy Hooker"). To our supreme delight, it was Karaoke Night and the request line was quite short. I sang a (very moving) duet with an old man named Frank...
and danced The Macarena with a crazy lady who proudly sported rhinestone bra straps.
But the fun had that night was nothing in comparison to the fun had Saturday. That morning, we woke up to find that a giant white tent had been erected on the beach directly in front of our house. And knew it could only mean one thing: WEDDING. And we knew that we had to go.

We eyed the preparations all day from the beach and wrestled with how we'd pull it off. Then lo and behold, the DJ needed an extra power source for his equipment, so we let him use an outlet at the house...and a "you should drop by" invitation was extended as a result. We needed no additional encouragement.

Once the reception was in full swing, we grabbed a couple of beers and headed over. It was so easy to just smile and slip into the crowd unnoticed. And was it ever fun! Everybody there was from Baton Rouge and were super friendly. It didn't take long to feel like an actual invited guest. To the point where I pinned a $20 on the groom's jacket during the money dance and started up a conga line. People were actually yelling "Hey wedding crasher!" and high-fiving me on the dance floor.

Despite the fact that we'd previously decided to get up at 5:00 a.m. to drive back to Oxford for the Ole Miss-Memphis game, I accompanied the entire wedding party to the local bar for some post-wedding karaoke fun. We sang (and I of course played the tambourine on stage) until 2 a.m.

But it was well worth it. Talk about a serious story for the grandkids...