Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm sure I'll appreciate this when I'm 60

Okay, so I'm young...and sorority-looking-ish...and live in Nashville. That doesn't mean I AUTOMATICALLY go to Vandy. But I'm beginning to think I'll get that question until I'm at least 30.

On Monday, the gas station cashier asked what I was majoring in at Vandy.
(Which is admittedly better than the J. Alexander's waiter who told me he thought I was 16 when I asked for a glass of wine...)
Yesterday, a woman on the treadmill next to mine asked if I was in a sorority at Vandy. Several random guys in bars have tried to pathetically start conversations with, " go to Vandy?"

It's exasperating. I'm running out of polite smiles.

I've actually graduated college, and am relishing being a young professional in a big city...and yet am repeatedly getting lumped back in with the multitude of sorostitutes tooling around in their Infinities. Girl can't get NO breaks.