Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"The Hills" are Alive

Two posts in two days. I know, I know. Please contain your excitement.

Our boss has been out this week (translation: we have way more fun and get to wear jeans). Due to the fact that we've been working closely with Disney on the CARS premiere the past few months, the bossman has gotten pretty tight with some big-time Disney execs. But I won't mention any names. As a result of this budding friendship, he was given VIP tickets and treatment for the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere in Hollywood last weekend.

About 15 minutes ago, he paused in his vacationing just long enough to send us an email outlining every famous person he's met since they've been there. Upwards of 30 people.

Which makes me want to stamp my feet in childish jealousy.

They ranged from Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightly to Kate Bosworth and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But the one that made me truly gasp in excitement was none other than LC of "The Hills" fame.

I just don't know what I would have done in his place! (Besides drunkenly telling her that Jason is a douche and asking her to be my best friend...)

Yes, I realize this falls into the "you know you need a life when" category. But at least it's acceptable for my age/gender to watch the show. Just ask Godfrey what HE does every Wednesday night at 9:00...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Reformed Blogger in the Hizzouse

You know it's been too damn long since you've written on your blog when you forget your password. I spent a good five minutes plugging every single conceivable password I've had since 8th grade (including "zachipoo83") before I could break into my own account.

Speaking of false security measures, you want to read something that will guarantee make you laugh? This literally had me doubled over gasping for air.

I am so glad that summer has finally come to Ca$hville. The rainy days are far behind us and there is sun for miles...just the way I like it. Bar patios are finally open and just waiting for tan bodies to fill them with sex appeal.

Too bad I have this pesky job thing going on. It's really cramping my summer style.

But despite my bitching, my steady job situation is far better than the waste-of-space's next door. Because the landlord's new job lasted all of 3 weeks. Not sure if he quit or got fired (my guess is the latter). So lucky for us, that means he's back to constant cigar smoking and marathon ball scratching sessions.

I'm tempted to start filling out applications from local fast food joints with his information and leaving them in his mailbox.